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Nurse call

The MyAmego Nurse Call system incorprates the passive system giving flexibility to the care environment of the building offering benefits across dementia, frail elderley and nursing for example.

Nurse With iPad

The nurse call system works in a familiar format, with active alerts generated by pushing a call point, fob or pager buttons or by other peripheral devices including:

  • Door contacts.
  • Door isolation switches.
  • Pull cords.
  • Bed mats.
  • Floor mats.
  • Lights.
  • Movement sensors (PIR).

Care staff carry pagers to receive messages from the nurse call and to send assist and emergency requests.

There are a number of benefits of using a pager based system:

  • Messages can be configured to be sent to different individual pagers or pager groups, perhaps operating on different floors/units or staff responsibility/skill levels.
  • Settings for where messages are sent can be changed between Day and Night to accommodate different staffing levels.
  • It is also possible to introduce escalations for if calls are not answered.
  • In addition, the fact that alerts are not sounding throughout the building helps with maintaining a home-like and calm environment.
Nurse and Older Woman

Medical Staff

The pagers display the location of the alert (and fob user’s name if used) and different sounds indicate the status of the message being received – differentiating between information messages, assistance messages and emergency messages. There is the option to put the pagers on a vibrate setting for night staff. Staff can accept assistance and emergency alerts and the system tells their colleagues via the pager that the call is being attended to. Staff clear down the call at the point of request and once again their colleagues are informed via the pager of the clear and its location.

Staff also have two buttons on their pagers to call for assistance or send an alert for an emergency. The messages show the level of the alert (Assist or Emergency), the name of the pager calling and its location. As with other alerts care staff can respond via their pagers to tell colleagues they are going to attend through accepting the message.

For more active residents with cognitive and physical dexterity it may be suitable to give them a fob so they can ask for assistance or notify of an emergency wherever they are in the building or garden (if devices are fitted outside).

Nurse call activities are recorded by the system and can be called up for analysis.

Nurse Call Reports

There are three reports which show information about the nurse call part of the system:

Calls Per Location Table

Calls Per Location

This report shows from which locations calls are generated and their frequency.

Calls per Service User Table

Calls Per User

For those users who have fobs and use them with the red button enabled as nurse call, the system record which users request the most assistance.

Average Time to Answer Calls Table

Average Time to Respond to Calls

This report shows how long (on average) it takes staff to respond to calls from residents for assistance. The system shows day and night response times.

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