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Components and Nursecall

  The MyAmego system is installed in the care facility/home according to the customers building and care requirements.

The building is installed with battery powered wireless repeaters which creates a wireless environment that can detect the location of special Fobs and Pagers.

The service user wears the fob while the carer wears the pager. The system can then identify at which location the fobs and pagers are and via a simple web interface (see below), a personalised profile can be set up for a service user to support:

  • Location risk: an alert can be sent when Mr A is at a location risk e.g. front door or top of stairs;
  • Location time limit: when a service user has been at a location for a set amount of time e.g. outside for more than 30 minutes;
  • Social risk: the system can notify a carer when two services users who frequently disagree with each other end up at the same location (without a carer);
  • Mobility warning: the system can notify carers when a service user's mobility increases or decreases by a certain percentage;
  • Reminder notification: the system can notify a carer to remind them to complete a task eg medication, bed turns.

For information on Nurse Call click here.

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Peport Screenshot

    Managers, care assistants, nurses
    and families can be given unique log ins
    to access data and reports on care delivery
    via the internet through a secure interface.

    These reports can be used for assessment
    and evidence purposes.