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MyAmego® provides reminders to care team members of resident's particular needs through alerts and helps them with their job. This aides the delivery of care tasks and ensures consistency. The system helps reduce the need to "shadow" residents constantly.

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Resident / Patient / User

  • Encouraging independence in a safe but free environment — reducing shadow care.
  • Personal dignity and choice, promoting confidence.
  • Treated as an individual in a communal setting.
  • Promoting and supporting physical and mental health and wellbeing eg. falls and drug reduction.


  • Transparency about care of loved one.
  • Assurance that the resident is being encouraged to retain as much independence and choice as they can.
  • The manager uses data to maximise the understanding of the wellbeing of the resident, particularly where the resident may not be able to voice this.
  • Assurance that immobile residents are receiving appropriate carer contact.
  • Discreet in use.
  • Promoting dignity.

Care Assistant/Nurse

  • Time is freed up by task management, which can be reassigned more usefully.
  • Safeguarding, confirmation of a job well done o   Emergency button carried on the person (not on the wall).
  • Reminders  for specific tasks and reviews of care.
  • Information to personal pager not wall monitor — discreet and quiet.

Manager / The Home

  • Improved relationships with families — transparency.
  • Care Planning.
  • Evidence for safeguarding  for families or legal issues — audited system.
  • Closer links with local GPS and other health professionals — time saving, evidence, trends, changes in residents  needs over time, medication.
  • Supports person-centred care.
  • Supports safety of clients — reduction in falls and unplanned hospital admittances.
  • Enhances assessment and care planning.
  • Non-intrusive in use.  Quiet and discreet.
  • Provides information about staff activity/location, management, planning, safeguarding.
  • Motivated staff — may lead to staff retention and less sick leave, reduction in agency staff (where used).

The Business

  • A differentiator in the marketplace, sign of premium care for resident and family.
  • Reduced damage to infrastructure, urniture/carpets etc.
  • Evidence for safeguarding, reducing high cost of safeguarding action.
  • Staff retention, reduction in retraining and staff recruitment costs.
  • Regional data collection for assessment and management purposes.
  • Improved relationship with commissioners.
  • Evidence for continuing care,  improved return of residents post hospital, allowing retention of residents and reduced costs for marketing and reassigning of rooms.
  • Supports you with regulatory legal complaince — MCA/DOLS/MHA/CQC.
  • The carer assistant/nurse's time is more about really caring and less about tasks — motivational.